What will you do to make London the most vegan city in the world?

Take a look, pick your interest then find out how to get involved …

Vegan outreach

Promote meat free mondays and vegan food locally

  • schools – vegan food in  the canteen, promoting in lessons
  • shops – vegan flyer, videos and food giveaways

Peckham Vegan map

Vegan meet-ups

Local  talks, food tastings and film showings. See you at our next meet up eventDulwich Pitfield Brewery Meeting

Vegan Societies

Find your local society and veganise your neighborhood. Currently active in Peckham, Lewisham and Lambeth .

Could you lead the Camden or Hackney group?London Vegan logo

London Vegan Mums

Helping families raise vegan kids. Monthly meet ups, advice videos and food tastings, like below:

Vegan food – how to

Check out our youtube channel for how to vegan guides…

London Vegan Census

Every November to record the rise of veganism in London. Can you help promote the 2017 census?

vegan census results 2016

So, will you invest time, money or free stuff to make London more vegan?

Time – Take a look at our volunteer roles page, we need graphic designers, out reach coordinators and social media posters.

Money – check out all the great vegan out reach projects you could invest in.


Freebies – if you are a business and want us to taste test your products, please get in touch or send them directly to Thomas Micklewright, 17 Barry Road, SE22 0HX.


Promotion – could you promote us? Do you want us to write for your magazine or appear on your radio show?

Still got questions?

Say hi at or call Tom on 07789 322 920.

Tom Micklewright (Founder/Chair)

Southwark Vegan Society meeting
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