ABC’s of Nutrition

abc 1The ABC’s of Nutrition is aimed at teaching kids the importance of healthy nutrition from a young age. Health enthusiast writer Robert Orchanian, from Yorktown Heights, NY USA,  says the book reflects his family’s lifestyle:  “My wife and I have raised 5 healthy kids. Whether it’s yoga, weight training or running, in general, we all exercise regularly and eat right!”

Read the preview here: The ABCs of Nutrition

Bright, clear and easy to read.

The foods that toddlers eat are the foods they will want to eat for the rest of their lives.  This is because in the formative years, organs, tissues and nerve cells are programmed in their unique window of time based on the foods eaten – like metabolic programming.  Another reason lies in the way childhood memories are formed.  Up to the age of about two and a half or three years, children usually do not form conscious memories, but instead are busy using their daily experiences to create the instinctive emotions and likes and dislikes that will become intuitive feelings in the future.

So if a young child learns to enjoy vegetables for dinner every night and fresh fruit for dessert, they incorporate these healthy foods into her developing subconscious blueprint for what a proper meal should be.  Not only does it taste good to them, it feels right too!

Kensington & Chelsea Vegan and Veggie Society

Down to Earth, in Kensington. Have you been?

Welcome to the Kensington & Chelsea Vegan and Veggie Society. We hope to have a meeting soon so please get in touch if you would like to come along or if you can help. Find us: on Facebook here.

We cover: Albertopolis, Bayswater, Belgravia, Brompton, Chelsea, Earl’s Court, Holland Park, Kensal Town, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington, Notting Hill, South Kensington, West Brompton, West Kensington, World’s End. Do you live in these areas – please get in touch.

Places to eat out and shop

SAF Restaurant – Gourmet vegan & living foods restaurant and bar. 1st Floor, Whole Foods Market, The Barkers Building 63-97 Kensington High StreetLondon,W8 5SE Tel: 020 7368 4555 (Tube: Kensington High Street)


RAINFOREST CREATIONS: Wonderful raw vegan salads plus roti/wraps and raw vegan
. Two locations: Partridges, Sloane Square, 2-5 Duke of York Square, SW3 4LY – open daily Chelsea Market, Kings Road, London SW3 6NR Saturdays only.

Le Pain Quotidien, South Kensington. Vegan blueberry muffins, soya milk, breads and a vegan salad.

Happy Vegetarian – 288 Portobello Road  London W10 – great veggie and vegan wraps.

down-to-earth-london-2DOWN TO EARTH:  New organic vegetarian cafe and health food store in Kensington. 240-242 High Street, Kensington, London W8 6ND (Tube: High Street kensington, Kensington Olympia)
Tel: 0207 371 6987  Whole food store and vegetarian / vegan / raw food cafe  Open daily 7.30am – 10.30pm.

Ricardo’s Italian on Fulham Rd has a vegan menu.


The Big Vegan Count


We would love to know how many vegans there are in the world. (Currently counted 20,000!) It only takes 30 seconds so if you are a vegan then make sure you are counted! Please encourage vegan friends and family to complete the survey. Results below.

HOW? Click here to be counted: The Big Vegan Count!

Do you live in London? Make sure you find your local London vegan society and get involved in making London the most vegan friendly city in the whole world!

Follow us on Twitter: @LondonVeganSoc or Facebook: London Vegan Societies

Survey results so far…

Over 20,000 people have now completed the survey!

People from 110 countries have participated in the survey so far, 15% from the United Kingdom (of that London: 18%, making up 3% of total surveyed), US 41%, followed by 7% Canada. other countries make up 27%. 72% of total are female, 28% male.

Congratulations to Holly Piggott from @theallanimalvegan for coming up with the great idea. We here at LVS wish her all the best in her aim to count all the vegans of the world.

Camden Vegans

Inspiral Lounge – Camden

Perhaps the most vegan borough in London?

Come along to our next Camden vegans Hangout – info on Facebook and check out the great places to eat out below…


Join the HACKNEY VEGANS GROUP on Facebook and share all your vegan findings… We also need event organisers and people to help admin the Hackney Facebook page so please get in touch on


We want to create one of these flyers, but for Camden. Can you help? Get in touch… on

Eating vegan in Camden…

Check out this map Robb has put together of all the great vegan places to eat out in Camden…

Inspiral Lounge (pictured above) and Cookies and Scream and a number of other vegan delights!

Covent Garden Area

Massive choice – especially around Neal’s Yard. Including Neal’s Yard Salad Bar, serving great vegan food both savoury and sweet, and they gave me free ice cream for saying hello, maybe you should try the same!



Just Falafel, a franchise organisation with 1,500 shops across the world, serving lovely vegan falafel.

The menu is clear and the selection is great, with Italian, Greek, Indian and American versions.

There are 5 in London so far, find your nearest here. Find your nearest at

Wild Food Cafe, a raw vegan cafe with lots of healthy options.
Free ice cream from Neal Yard’s Salad Bar – thanks guys!


I chose the chocolate muffin, but there were loads of vegan/GF options!


Neal’s Yard Salad Bar – great vegan selection and seating area.
Food for Thought – London’s oldest veggie/vegan cafe – started in the 1960s.

Camden Leaders and helpers

Robb Masters runs the London Vegan Meet up and says “Vegan since ’96, I always enjoy meeting more vegans and potential vegans.”

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YOU’D THINK HAVING dominated search and email, created Chrome and YouTube, plus a self-driving car project, a handful of save-the-world enterprises, and the greatest advertising business in the history of the universe would be enough to keep Google busy. You certainly wouldn’t think the folks in Mountain View would suddenly feel the urge to get into the smartphone game, a remarkably mature market where nobody but Samsung and Apple makes any money, and where Google’s already ubiquitous thanks to Android.

OPTIMIND Free Sample – How it Works ?

here are a lot of nootropics in the market. All these work towards upgrading the cerebrum action. Many individuals may imagine that they are only a joke however they are most certainly not. They are really useful and when taken they enable improve to cerebrum movement through boosting of vitality in the body.

What is Optimind?

This is a kind of supplement called nootropic ordinarily utilized by many individuals to enable them to concentrate better or make their contemplations clearer. Aside from that, it additionally increments psychological usefulness of the cerebrum. This supplements have been experimentally created utilizing 12 fixings which incorporate a few vitamins, mixes and minerals. You can get an Optimind free example appropriate off this blog entry, as it is a piece of the organizations plan of action.

Advantages of utilizing Optimind

These tablets have had constructive audits from the general population who have utilized them. There are reports of jolt of energy and increment in the mind usefulness. These supplements enable concentration to better. There is caffeine injected in the tablets which fortifies the individual and keep them centered in what they are doing. Aside from this, there are vitamins, for example, vitamin B12 and vitamin D and particles, for example, magnesium and calcium that are in the optimind free sample tablets and are exceptionally valuable to the body. Aside from these there is likewise implantation of some amino acids, for example, tyrosine in the tablets as well. With a tablet of Optimind, you get great wellbeing and cerebrum center.

Optimind is likewise a hostile to oxidant which is an imperative angle in the body.


These supplements have been make to dodge you taking an excessive number of tablets in a day. In a the very beginning can either take maybe a couple tablets relying upon the person’s inclination. In either cases the outcomes are as yet palatable.


Much the same as whatever else on the planet today, Optimind likewise has its drawbacks. There are a few things about this tablets that the vast majority would consider focuses in which some change is required.

Some of this incorporate, the way that this tablets do not have a choline source. Considering choline is a vital segment in the body and its typical working.

For another situation, when a lot of Optimind is taken, it winds up conveying issues to the stomach and the GI tract. This can be sickness, looseness of the bowels, and even agonies in the stomach territory. The basic approach to manage this is maintain a strategic distance from a high admission of the tablets and simply take the required sum.

Long haul utilize

For most clients the experience of this tablets have additionally created long haul benefits. Aside from the mind upgraded action factor of these supplements they have likewise been believed to help the ordinary wellbeing of the general population utilizing them.

When it’s taken, the tablets begins attempting to enhance center and increment the capacity to focus for the person. In a traverse of 30 minutes the outcomes can really be seen. There is expanded concentration and readiness for that particular individual. For the time being, this supplements function admirably and don’t set aside quite a while for the outcomes to be seen and experienced. An Optimind free specimen is super simple to get off this blog entry, simply tap the picture for a free example! Or, on the other hand join!

Half life

The half-existence of a medication is the time in which the impacts of the medication will take before they can tidy up the individual’s framework. For these tablets the impacts are distinctive due to various digestion systems in individuals. In any case, for the vast majority, the impacts of taking the supplements keep going for over 8 hours, for other individuals the impacts have been accounted for to try and keep going for up to 10 hours or more.

Lawful status

For nootropics, lawful status is a noteworthy and confounding point. Now and again many individuals have thought them to be unlawful because of their belongings. They have been said to have a portion of an indistinguishable impacts from a portion of the medications prohibited in many nations. Another piece of the disarray that comes in with the lawfulness of these supplements is a direct result of universal laws where they are prohibited in a few nations while others have enabled them to be sold without remedies while in others you require a medicine.

In any case, in nations where these supplements are permitted, they can be gotten effectively and they are lawful. The real issue is generally on account of their exportation into different countries. This likewise goes for Optimind.

Normal stacks

Different individuals utilize a few supplements together as opposed to utilizing only one. This is what is called stacking. The absolute most normally utilize supplements close by Optimind incorporate; Lumonol. This tablets supplement Optimind in a portion of the things it needs, for example, a wellspring of choline-Alpha G. aside from this, this supplement likewise has different contrasts from Optimind that makes it a decent stack. Aside from this, another supplement that can be stacked with Optimind is phenibut. There are different supplements that can be utilized as well. Be that as it may, before stacking nootropics take a gander at the fixings and decide those that will give you the best impacts when assembled.

What is this utilized for

Optimind is a tablet that is utilized to build the intellectual capacity. It is utilized to enhance center and keep one concentrated for a specific timeframe. Dissimilar to the utilization of espresso and caffeinated drinks for the same, the impacts of Optimind in reality keep going for more (even up to 8 hours or more). This implies somebody taking Optimind won’t need to take the tablets again and again in a day not at all like somebody taking espresso or caffeinated beverages to keep the concentration going for more

The most effective method to utilize Adrafinil:

This is gathering of considerably more grounded supplement than Optimind. They are really a professionally prescribed medication. Much of the time, it isn’t fitting to utilize them yet when the need emerges a portion of the supplements in this class, they do exist.

Use among business people

Its uses are awesome so clearly many individuals believe that the cost of Optimind will be higher than some of its partners in the market. In any case, this isn’t the situation. These supplements are not costly. They have been given a reasonable cost to support their utilization among the individuals who need them

Last considerations of Optimind

Optimind is outstanding amongst other developments in the nootropics class of supplements. Due to this many individuals have utilized it and recorded positive outcomes. It gives a decent level of center to the individuals who require it and a dynamic cerebrum as well. Its utilization around the globe has expanded immensely. That is in the nations where it is.

Download Hotstar for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or XP Laptop

You want to down load hotstar for pc? So, here I’m writing about it. Be geared up, these days you will find something new & beneficial by analyzing this newsletter. mainly i am scripting this to percentage the trick for downloading Hotstar for pc laptop and windows 7/eight/10 computers. The method of downloading and putting in hotstar on computer computer is noted under. but before we bounce into the primary guide permit’s talk about hotstar for pc.

Hotstar is a brand new software evolved by using celebrity India private confined. It’s especially focused and advanced for use of Indians. Hotstar is essentially a stay television software, although you can also watch television serials (different tv suggests), movies on hotstar. Hotstar changed into advertised as the alternative to tv for folks who loves to watch things solo.

Like their motto for hotstar for laptop become “pass solo”. using this app you may watch most of the famous person television channels and Cricket. anyhow, with that being said, let’s jump into the principle topic that is down load hotstar for pc laptop windows pc.

Download and Install Hotstar in PC Laptop:

i have already advised you that – you will research something new by way of reading this submit. anyhow the breaking information is there is no hotstar for computer, the developers had no longer created it yet.

but don’t lose wish you can still installation the android model of hotstar for your laptop. All you want to do is observe a few steps stated below and BAM! you’ll be able to run the hotstar app on your pc. So, follow the step by step guide under to find out a way to download and install hotstar for home windows laptop.

Step 1: down load And deploy BlueStacks for your computer. you may download BlueStacks from the download link below.

Step 2: Now down load the hotstar APK file from the hyperlink underneath. i’ve supplied the ultra-modern version of hotstar apk (v5.17.35) inside the link under.

Step three: Now once you successfully down load the hotstar APK open the record with BlueStacks this may set up the app on BlueStacks. you can like to test: WhatsApp recommendations and tricks.

Step 4: Now hotstar will be established on your pc through BlueStacks, surely it will likely be hooked up on BlueStacks simply open the BlueStacks to run Hotstar to your computer computer windows computer.

What we’re Doing

The way to download and installation hotstar for computer is by way of the use of an android emulator. For folks who don’t recognise approximately the android emulator, can take a look at this Wikipedia article. but essentially, it’s a software that you set up on your pc to be able to run Android software’s for your pc.

So, to start with you want to down load an android emulator software to your laptop and then this software program will help you to run the hotstar app, just like how to run any app for your android device. maximum probable you’ve got already used the hotstar app to your Android device so this can be higher for you. hope you recognize the step by step manual stated above.

Galaxy S9 Insurance May cost you 50$ for a year: Reports Says

Samsung Galaxy S9 Insurance Cost, Features:– In 2018 People’s Eye is essentially on the arrival of Samsung’s Upcoming release cell phone Galaxy s9. In April 2017, Samsung discharged Galaxy s8 and in less time it made an upset in the cell phone world, However, there are some Missing highlights in S9 too yet, we can state it One of the best telephones of the year. In 2018, Many greater cell phone producers like Samsung and Apple are taking a shot at adaptable show cell phone. As the Features are getting advance step by step in cell phones so it generally troublesome for clients to purchase these cell phones. Being a tech master I have seen that iPhone cost is expanding step by step. It generally a Hard time for clients when they lost the sum. Presently Samsung going to astonish there client one year from now to give Insurance highlight in this cell phone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Insurance Cost

This is truly an unexpected blessing from Samsung that they are giving protection highlight in a cell phone. Before this, no other organization hasn’t offer this element in their cell phone yet it appears that Samsung truly administers to their client. The real advantage which you get is that it is organization will Repair your cell phone free of cost in the event that if your telephone gets harmed. More often than not, we haven’t seen any cell phone which this much astonishing highlights. samsung galay s9 price

At first, Apple likewise said a similar thing however it was gossip as it isn’t affirmed by CEO Tim Cook. For the most part, we have tuned in about Health and Auto protection however this might be the first run through when S9 protection could be advertised. We have likewise specified that Samsung giving many propelled includes in it.

Out of all highlights, Camera and show are the significant ones. Samsung as of late said that they have missed a portion of the best class highlights of this cell phone however this won’t go to happen now. Bits of gossip which may befuddle you is the sticker price of Galaxy s9. two noteworthy highlights have been missed in their past model however Samsung vision in 2018 is to discharge some propelled telephones which can beat some other cell phone in the forthcoming year.

Galaxy s9 Features:

We have just said that Galaxy s9 will accompany the Dual camera and adaptable show. Having a Good camera and Smart highlights can without much of a stretch make any telephone look extraordinary. A few People likewise asserted that Quality in Galaxy s8 show is exceptionally shabby as screen get broken out however this issue could be settled as Company offered Polymer Display this time in Galaxy s9. Expected cost of Galaxy s9 may cross a Mark up to 1200$ this time yet it will make certain once Samsung affirms this. So these are the reports about Galaxy s9 protection cost

Galaxy S9 Insurance May cost you 50$ for a year: Reports Says:

Samsung Galaxy S9 Insurance Cost, Features:– In 2018 People’s Eye is basically on the release of Samsung’s Upcoming edition smartphone Galaxy s9. In April 2017, Samsung released Galaxy s8 and in very less time it created a revolution in the smartphone world, However, there are some Missing features in S9 as well but still, we can say it One of the greatest phones of the year. In 2018, Many bigger smartphone makers like Samsung and Apple are working on flexible display smartphone. As the Features are getting advance day by day in smartphones so it always difficult for users to buy these smartphones. Being a tech expert I have seen that iPhone price is increasing year by year. It always a Hard time for users when they lost the amount. Now Samsung going to surprise there user next year to give Insurance feature in this smartphone.

Galaxy S9 Edge Flexible Display:-

As indicated by Samsung, Galaxy S9 will accompany 5.8 Inches show which can be adaptable up to a specific Limit. Till now there is no telephone whose show can be twist and I figured S9 could be the first. In this gadget organization not simply concentrate on the show measure but rather the quality is likewise noteworthy. In the Previous release of Galaxy s arrangement i.e in S8 organization neglect to give Dual camera yet Now in ninth version, we can expect that as well. Right now, individuals are giving a High need to iPhone 9 Instead of Galaxy s9.

The primary thing which we User search for in their cell phone is its show. Samsung Currently feels embarrassed as Apple Release quicker telephone ever however in 2018 organization need to consider every one of these highlights important in the event that they truly need to Survive in the cell phone world. Idea plan which Samsung Released a couple of days back will Blow your psyche as it looks extremely astounding. One thing which I for one notice in Samsung is their Display Pixels are far superior than Any other brand. As of now, I am utilizing both iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 yet my first need is Samsung as it is add up to Value for cash cell phone.

A Weibo user has shared the leaked render, as reported by GizChina, to reveal the design of the rumoured Redmi 5 Plus. The image shows two camera sensors on the back of the smartphone – placed aesthetically, aligned with the rear-facing fingerprint scanner and a dual-LED flash. The front of the unannounced Redmi smartphone appears to have a display panel with ultra-thin bezels.