Meat Free at work!

shelter logoFrom Monday-Friday,a 1/3 of my time (about 40 hours) is spent with my wonderful colleagues at Shelter. 

That’s 55 people (on my floor alone) that I spend 40 hours with a week, that I can influence to be more sustainable and healthy – by eating plant Thomas Micklewright photobased food. Winning.

As an Environmental Champion (green scheme at work) I recently launched a Shelter-wide Meat-Free Monday.

Here is how I did it…

1. Plan. Visualise the event – Sharing food with colleagues and explaining how plant based food is healthier and more sustainable.

2. Recruit a team of helpers (depending on office size) – to promote the event, spread the word, and cook the food.

3. Promote. Promote. Promote. Emails, Intranet, posters, post it notes. Everywhere.

Now lets see that in pictures…

Plan & promote

Recruit cookers/ promoters from your office.

Prizes – befriend local veggie-friendly food stalls/shops and offer them free promotion in return for food.

Sunnyolivetree Hoxton beach Falafel Maison crepe

Go prepared with a voucher ready for the stall owner to sign as authentication.

prize vouchers

Write an article for your work blog or intranet page.
Homepage USEStaff blog body 1 USEStaff blog body 2 winning USE

Send out an event invite.

Email invite

Put up posters or write on white boards…

whiteboard promo

in the toilets… where there is ‘dwell time’…

promo toilet poster

and anywhere people will see, like the doors. Everyone walks through doors.

promo door poster




Add a post-it note on the day to catch peoples eye…

poster promo

Track responses by getting people to pledge their meat-free day on a big poster..

tracker empty

On the day

Cook food…


Display food…

IMAG1578 food display

Watch the tracker fill up!

tracker full

Email out to remind people to sign the tracker / comment on your blog post…

Email post food Monday

Enjoy the comments

Staff blog comments USE

Give out the prizes!


with a happy email!

Prize email giveaway

Enjoy the lovely comments from your colleagues, asking for it to be set up as a monthly event…

Like comment

Set the next date.

Vegetarian Week starts on 18th May 2015 (my birthday), so maybe do it then?

Veggie week 18 to 24








How to make fried tofu :)

A number of people have asked, so here is my guide to making yummy fried tofu…

1. Ingredients…

  • ‘Firm’ Tofu (£1.20 from local Oriental Supermarket, but is sold in most supermarkets)
  • nuts and seeds – cashew, almond, sunflower, pumpkin (and maybe some diced spring onion)
  • vegetable oil
  • soy sauce
  • ginger + garlic + salt
  • non-stick pan


2. Make it…

  • heat the pan (no oil at this point)
  • cut up the tofu into reasonably sized squares
  • whack em in, lay them flat
  • heat for 10 minutes turning regularly until they brown and crisp slightly
  • whack in the nuts and seeds, along with a splash of oil
  • fry until golden, splash on the soya sauce (not vital)
  • add the spring onions and crushed garlic and ginger for flavouring
  • keep stirring and give it a taste


3. Eat it!

Tweet me a picture on @LondonVeganSoc and let me know how it goes!



Tell your friends how tasty tofu can be by using these lovely buttons…