ABC’s of Nutrition

abc 1The ABC’s of Nutrition is aimed at teaching kids the importance of healthy nutrition from a young age. Health enthusiast writer Robert Orchanian, from Yorktown Heights, NY USA,  says the book reflects his family’s lifestyle:  “My wife and I have raised 5 healthy kids. Whether it’s yoga, weight training or running, in general, we all exercise regularly and eat right!”

Read the preview here: The ABCs of Nutrition

Bright, clear and easy to read.

The foods that toddlers eat are the foods they will want to eat for the rest of their lives.  This is because in the formative years, organs, tissues and nerve cells are programmed in their unique window of time based on the foods eaten – like metabolic programming.  Another reason lies in the way childhood memories are formed.  Up to the age of about two and a half or three years, children usually do not form conscious memories, but instead are busy using their daily experiences to create the instinctive emotions and likes and dislikes that will become intuitive feelings in the future.

So if a young child learns to enjoy vegetables for dinner every night and fresh fruit for dessert, they incorporate these healthy foods into her developing subconscious blueprint for what a proper meal should be.  Not only does it taste good to them, it feels right too!

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