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Lewisham Vegan and Vegetarian Society


Hey I’m David Gore – I started the society in 2012 to bring together the people of Lewisham to share tasty, healthy food!

I hope to see you at one of our potlucks or meetings soon.

Lewisham Pot Luck – Next date TBC

You are invited (vegans, veggies and meat eaters alike) to a Vegan Potluck – bring your own vegan foodtarte (and alcohol if you wish).

We can offer our hob, oven and toaster for reheats plus plates, knives and forks etc. If you want to come along drop a line to David Gore – for further details of

the event or confirm via the Lewisham Vegans Facebook Page.

Hotspots in Lewisham

Eating out

  • Lewisham High Street – Turkish restaurants – lovely mezze
  • Hithergreen =  ‘Cafe of Good Hope’ at 216 Hither Green Lane who do soy coffees

Eating In

  • Can you suggest some shops to buy good quality vegan products?
  • Sheels: Lewisham’s best health store

Lewisham Meat Free Mondays…

  • Schools: We are looking for schools to do Meat Free Days – leave a comment if you know of any…
  • Faith groups: We are looking for Churches and other Faith groups to do Meat Free Days – leave a comment if you know of any…

Hounslow Vegan & Vegetarian Society

Marina Lacueva V-Del
Marina Lacueva, Hounslow Borough leader, left, enjoying the V-Delicious show in June 2013 with Mirel and Alysia
  • Areas we cover:  Hounslow, Chiswick, Brentford, Isleworth, Kew and Richmond
  • 5 members and looking for more!
  • Find us on Facebook & Twitter
  • Founded: 28 June 2013
  • Meeting Place: TBC
  • Next Meeting: TBC.
  • Borough Leader: Marina Lacueva – get in contact (former Southwark leader and Social Media whizz!) email her on
  • Borough Population: TBC
  • Area leaders needed in: Chiswick, Brentford, Hounslow and Feltham.


Eating out

  • TBC

Eating In

  • Can you suggest some shops to buy good quality vegan products?


  • We are looking for schools to do Meat Free Days – leave a comment if you know of any…

Faith groups

  • We are looking for Churches and other Faith groups to do Meat Free Days – leave a comment if you know of any…

Lambeth Vegan Society

Lambeth is the most vegan-friendly borough mscupcakein South London and is home to the famous Ms Cupcake in Brixton. Lambeth Society has 220 members – our biggest society! Borough leaders: Clare, Margarida and Marika. Next Meeting: See below… Borough Population: 303,000. Lambeth is extremely ethnically diverse – it really is the world in one borough. This gives rise to a great diversity of food, as has been shown by Brixton Village.

Lambeth Vegans are having a Meet-Up next Wednesday, 19th March at Whole Meal Cafe in Streatham (1 Shrubbery Road, SW4 2AS, just off the high street, near Streatham Station) at 7pm.
Come along got our long-overdue get-together!  The idea is to bring together like-minded people to meet, chat and eat great food!
Let us know, either by emailing or on Facebook Event Page or Twitter (@lambethvegans).
Hope to see you soon
Clare, Margarida and Marik


  • BMMs Cupcake, Coldharbour Lane.
  • Brixton Village – Wheat and Gluten Free WAG
  • Negril – Jamaican restaurant with a great ital section (vegan diet) – the pumpkin curry is highly recommended.  132 Brixton Hill, SW2 1RS
  • There are lots of great vegan options at places in Brixton Village too – try the veggie tortillas at Casa Morita or the Thai curries at Kaosarn.


  • WholemealcafeWhole Meal Cafe – Vegetarian restaurant with great food and very friendly owners.  1 Shrubbery Road, SW4 2AS
  • Jane’s Organic – Wholefoods and Health Store with a little cafe with great soups, smoothies and salads.  54 Streatham Hill.


  • Alkarmel Vegetarian Cafe, 95 Landor Road, Clapham North, London, SW9 9PH
Vegetarian Tapas Sharing Plate
VeggieTapas sharing plate!

Cubana is London’s freshest, juiciest and best value Cuban Bar Restaurant. Cubana is famous for freshly-prepared Latin American food, fresh tropical cocktails and smoothies – and late-night live Cuban music! We do plenty of veggie and vegan options and all produce is free range -come say hello!” Mauricio Gouveia, Cubana’s General Manager Find us on Facebook Cubana, 48 Lower Marsh, London, SE1 7RG



  • Trinity Stores – great cafe/bar in Balham.  Always have excellent vegan cakes on offer (though they do serve meat as well).  5 & 6 Balham Station Road, Balham, SW12 9SG

Tulse Hill

  • Lazy Rhubarb – cafe by Tulse Hill station has soya milk and always tries to have one vegan cake option each day.
  • Greenz – Fantastic vegan restaurant by Tulse Hill station – creative home-cooked Asian/Caribbean fusion meals.  5 Station Rise SE27 9BW.

Clapham Vegan and Vegetarian Society

Clapham is an area within the Borough of Lambeth. It has a selection of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and shops but not as many as some of the other areas in Lambeth, such as Brixton.

Leader: Marika Kulesza. Quote TBC

Contact Details


Next Meeting….


Past Meetings

  • Thursday 27 June 2013 Social meeting in Clapham North, Lambeth Borough tonight from 7.15pm! Alkarmel Vegetarian Cafe, 95 Landor Road. 
  • April was at Carmen’s Tapas – its great to meet vegans and veggies local to the Clapham area.

James Cameron Goes Vegan

“By changing what you eat, you will change the entire contract between the human species and the natural world”. James-Cameron-Goes-Vegan1

James Cameron received National Geographic’s “Explorer of the Year” award for his successful solo dive last year to the deepest point of the Pacific  Ocean. James used the organization’s  125th-anniversary gala to share his new-found solution to saving the  Earth.“I’ve had an epiphany recently,” Cameron told the audience.  “I want  to challenge all of you as people of deep conscience, people who are  environment stewards of the earth and oceans. . . . By changing what you eat, you will change the entire  contract between the human species and the natural world. Cameron said he went vegan a year ago and urged everyone in the cameronveganroom to do the  same. “I felt like I was waking up from a long sleepwalk,” he said. “I  believe we are all sleepwalking off a cliff if we don’t do this.” The Oscar-winning director with a fortune of $700 million or so has  been a vocal supporter and has put his money where his mouth is for  various green causes. People, he said, are always asking him what they can do to make a difference for the  planet. He says he used to give the standard answers: — electric cars,  solar panels — but now believes going vegan is, by far, the most  important thing anyone can do. Watch him speak on Youtube.

Vegan Food Is Everywhere!

What will you add?We know it, but most people don’t. Vegan Food Is Everywhere.

Caroline and her husband are vegans living in Toronto, Canada. They have created a website for vegans and the vegan-curious. It’s (probably) the world’s first vegan food spotting website. Their goal is to put every vegan dish, at every restaurant in the world, on a big Google map. They currently have over 1500 dishes mapped around the world, including some in England, Canada, United States, Australia, Scotland, China, France, Singapore, Norway, and India. New dishes are being added by the community every day, and we are building new features all the time.

Take a look at Vegan Food Is Everywhere – here at London Vegan Societies we believe that this can grow into an amazing tool for vegans everywhere, but we need help adding dishes and spreading the word.

Together, we can debunk the myth that it’s difficult to dine out as a vegan!

Top 3 Vegan Hotspots in London

Which Borough do you think is the most vegan and veggie friendly? Will your local borough make the top 3 in London? Comment on this page to get your selection added to the list. We want to know the best 3 places in your borough!

  1. Camden – Cookies and ScreamInspiral Lounge Wild Food Cafe
  2.  Islington – Vx vegan shop (Caledonian Rd) Planet organic (Essex Rd) The Gate Vegetarian Restaurant (St John’s Street) Drink Shop & Do on Caledonian Rd opens late and does delicious vegan cake (as well as alcohol!)
  3. Which borough do you think should be next?


Potential boroughs for the 3rd spot!

Lambeth – Brixton: Ms Cupcake, Brixton Village, Clapham: Common: Carmen – Clapham Vegans meeting place, great vegan tapas High Street: Eco – vegan pizza

Harrow – Yummy V, Karma Free Pizza and Saravanaa Bhavan. Pizza Village in Eastcote also has vegan pizzas with vegan cheese


Tower Hamlets – Gallery Cafe Hackney – Pogo cafe Southwark – East Dulwich: Indian Mishief, Blue Brick Cafe, SMBS, Peckham: Persopolis, Ganapati Richmond – Tide Tables Cafe Greenwich – what can you suggest? Lewisham – what can you suggest?

Post your comments below.