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Greenpeace launches LESS MEAT MORE VEGGIES campaign

Greenpeace has launched a global ‘less meat more veggies campaign’, supported by its offices in France, China, America and Germany among 11 others.

Its released a indepth review of industrialised meat production, identifying how “Intensive meat production is tearing down our forests, polluting our water, warming the planet and harming our health.”

They have  one ambitious goal: the reduction of meat and dairy production and consumption by at least 50% by 2050.

 What did they find out?

You can have a read of the full report here: Greenpeace livestock vision towards 2050.

What will Greenpeace’s campaign look like?

They want to exert their campaigning influence to

“demand governments to support small-scale ecological farmers instead of subsidising industrial meat companies. We can ask for more plant-based food and less meat in our schools, universities and public canteens.”

Want to get involved?

Sign up to join the moment at

Check out some delicious recipes with the Greenpeace Cookbook.



With your support, we will make London the most vegan friendly city in the world 🙂
Please transfer the money to:
London Vegan Societies
s/c 089299
a/c 65812673
Have a look below and see which projects you would like to chip in to, and if you have any questions call Tom on 07789 322 920.
Help us tell the people of Peckham about all the wonpeckham-flyer-jpgderful vegan food available locally!
We need £32 to print 1,000 of these flyers – can you chip in some cash?
What a wonderful weekend it would be if we could get it funded over the weekend 🙂
Thomas Micklewright and the Peckham Vegans team
07789322920 – if you have any questions

We need a video camera :)

We have big vegan dreams for London, but can’t do it with your help.

We need to raise £150 to buy a video camera, a tripod and a microphone. This will enable us to make a youtube video series on…

  • top ten places to eat vegan in London series (starting in Peckham) – with interviews with the chefs and customers
  • Vegan parents top tips videos – helping parents cope with the exciting challenges of vegan parenthood
  • bring you all the action from events like Vegfest and our social meet ups

Will you chip in a tenner to help us tell the vegan story?

Email and we’ll send you our bank details 🙂queen


Tom and the teamflo thanks

Veganuary success! Veganism on the rise…

Veganuary was a great success this year.

Vegan food and healthy lifestyles have really taken off over the past 6 months with it featuring all over the mainstream press and a number of high profile celebrities giving it a go.

vegan -1Veganism is on the up!

People were made healthier, and animals were saved…


Congrats to Team Veganuary – AKA Jane, Matthew, Clea and Sally  and best of luck with preparation for next year!
Spread the word to your friends by using these lovely buttons…

Vegan stuff

Here lies anything we class as ‘good stuff or ideas’, from Rooms to let, vegan babysitters to other non-vegan focused campaigns for you to get involved in…

Room for rent… Single room to rent for 3 months (possible extension) with one other vegan & two cats. West London Zone 3. Rent per calendar month £540 which includes all bills; water, electricity, gas, council tax, Sky TV, Landline phone (calls excluded) and Broadband Internet. You will have use of the whole house: Lounge, Dining Room leading onto a courtyard garden, bathroom with tub & over tub shower and Kitchen. Includes washing machine & dishwasher. The room is furnished with a single bed, book shelf, cupboard and clothes rail.  Near to Gunnersbury Station, South Ealing Station, Brentford Station and Kew Bridge Station. Contact Marina for more information

123The Big Vegan Count! – We would love to know how many vegans there are in England (and the rest of the world!), so make sure if you are a vegan then click the link and make sure you are counted. So far we have had 1,200 responses in 5 days! People from 48 countries have participated in the survey so far, 53% from UK, US 23%, followed by Canada & Australia and then all the other countries make up 12%. 22% of the people from the UK were from London, and Londoners were 11% of the total result. 72% of total are female, 28% male.

Vegan Travel page – check out cool vegan hotspots across the world and email us to include your vegan and vegetarian adventures.

Vegan Food Magazine  a new UK-based food magazine launching in October 2013 of this year, dedicated to great vegan food – 100% vegan food! I thought members of your group might be interested as you follow vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.Our launch issue will include dozens of inspiring recipes, interviews with some of the top vegan food writers as well as a number of food-related features, reviews of restaurants, vegan products, competitions and city-focus features.  And best of all, our magazine is completely free to subscribe to and available to view online or download for free. Samantha Gould Co-Editor

Proposal to change Vegan month from November to Summertime!

Proposed by David Gore, seconded by Thomas Micklewright: “That the vegan society move ‘vegan month’ to summertime for 2015, so that veganism can be demonstrated when vegan foods a most seasonably available and the weather is more conducive to outdoor activities and demonstrations.”

Vegan Chai


Vegan Chocolate in wonderful designs from La Sagra Angie

winifred (1)
Hand made fruit and nut cakes
My products are definitely the healthiest sweets you ever seen. They’re all handmade artisan cakes, made with a variety of nuts and dried fruits without any preservatives, addition of artificial colorants, flourless and egg free!
Kind regards, Nikoletta Bugyias

Other ‘Good idea’ Campaigns

World Vegan Month & Vegan day – November!

veganNovember 1st 2016 is World Vegan Day and November is World Vegan Month so please get involved by:

  • Give a vegan meal a go – or try to go vegan for the whole day on Friday 1st November 2016 – find recipes here.
  • Go vegan for the first week of November or for the whole month! Help notes below.
  • Attend a vegan event in November – come along, meet some vegans, have a chat and enjoy some great food!


chickVegan food uses less water, oil, energy, land and produces less CO2 and methane.

It’s better for the environment, your health and the animals! Find out Why Vegan? here!

Need help? Sign up here…

healthheartVegan Society Vegan Pledge: Sign up here for support and guides, 30 delicious and nutritious recipes and we’ll be there every step of the way!

Animal Aid Vegan Challenge: Last November, 800 people took part in our month-long Great Vegan Challenge and, at the end of the month, more than 20% said they would stay vegan, while more than 97% said they would stay vegan, be mostly vegan or eat more vegan meals. We were so heartened by the results, we are doing it again this November and hope to make it bigger and better than ever. Please visit for more info about the Challenge and to sign up!


LVS Flyer thumbnailIf we posted some of these flyers to you, could you put them in your local shops / cafes? Every #FlyerFriday we take to twitter to enocurage people to spread the word through print.

Social media is important but flyers in cafes are still a brilliant way to spread the message and find veggies and vegans who don’t already know about their local veg*n society.

Therefore, please could you:


Greek Vegans need your help for new Camden bistro!

greekvegEvangelos and a friend from The Vegan Greek are a couple of Greek vegan chefs who plan to open a new restaurant in Covent Garden or the wider Camden area. They will be offering traditional Greek cusine -delicious vegan dishes but your help to suggest an appropriate place!

Requirements: kitchen and buffet plus half a dozen of tables for sitting. If anyone can suggest a place and give an estimation of cost please get in touch with them on their Facebook group.

“Our beliefs about food are tied to personal and social well-being. The Vegan Greek strives to promote the idea that a sustainable, healthy culture depends on humankind living as “lightly” as possible, mitigating the damage wrought on the environment and ourselves. Greeks have been cooking and eating vegan food for thousands of years. This healthy, delicious alternative to soy products and bland veggies will be offered in our new Greek Restaurant!” Evangelos


The Big Vegan Count


We would love to know how many vegans there are in the world. (Currently counted 20,000!) It only takes 30 seconds so if you are a vegan then make sure you are counted! Please encourage vegan friends and family to complete the survey. Results below.

HOW? Click here to be counted: The Big Vegan Count!

Do you live in London? Make sure you find your local London vegan society and get involved in making London the most vegan friendly city in the whole world!

Follow us on Twitter: @LondonVeganSoc or Facebook: London Vegan Societies

Survey results so far…

Over 20,000 people have now completed the survey!

People from 110 countries have participated in the survey so far, 15% from the United Kingdom (of that London: 18%, making up 3% of total surveyed), US 41%, followed by 7% Canada. other countries make up 27%. 72% of total are female, 28% male.

Congratulations to Holly Piggott from @theallanimalvegan for coming up with the great idea. We here at LVS wish her all the best in her aim to count all the vegans of the world.