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Faith groups

All faith groups have a root belief in peace and respect – two qualities that are strengthened by not eating animals, respecting your body and not destroying our beautiful environment.

Southwark MFM mapSouthwark Multi-Faith Health and Environment event

Attend on Saturday 25th April from 10am to 2pm at Southwark Carers, Walworth Methodist Church, 54 Camberwell Road, London, SE5 0EN – to learn more about plant based living.

Email for more information.

Could you volunteer for this event? Find out more at here.

Other ways of getting involved

  • Promote Meat free mondays in your faith group, email for more information
  • Feature Meat Free Monday on your website or your newsletter

Thank you to these groups…


Christian Vegetarian Association UK – for featuring us in their recent newsletter.  Read it here: CVAUK Spring 2013 Newsletter John Ryder, of CVAUK says “It is well known that Jains, Buddhists and many Hindus are at least vegetarian, if not vegan. Most people (indeed most Jews and Christians) are ignorant of the fact that their Bible holds up veganism as the ideal. Which is a pity, as one of the most convincing proofs to modern man of the divine inspiration of the Bible is that science is now discovering the same truth from the other end – that meat production is one the greatest causes of starvation, water-shortage, soil and environmental degradation.”

2Eden – Christian Veggie Group – A church-based vegetarian group, meets for regular free monthly meals (vegetarian lunch, dessert and drinks) on the 3rd Saturday of the month, 2pm, at All Saints Church Halls, New Road, Hackbridge CR4 4JN. No charge, No sermon, No catch. Incredible. Paul McDonald, 07900990292, 0208 4051800, or

When you search your soul for your deepest desires  you will surely find that you want to be peaceful like a Buddhist, you will want to be a warrior like St. Paul, kind and compassionate like Mother Theresa. You desire the best of health for your loved ones. Then you will want some thing to eat, will something die for your lunch? Your deepest disires are VEGAN.
Paul McDonald, 2EDEN.

St Stephen’s Church – Dulwich, Southwark, have featured us two years in a row in their magazine Spire and their weekly newsletter. Thank you to Revd Bernhard Schunemann, who is most welcoming and supportive of our cause.

Holy Trinity Brompton, Kensington & Chelsea,  – For creating a ‘How to go green book’. It needs some developing, so if you have any ideas on how to improve it please get in touch. We are currently in talks with HTB about how they can become greener and perhaps try a meat free day.