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RESULTS! London Vegan Census 2016

Thank you to the 428 vegans who took part, we found out…

Veganism on the rise!

Certainly – with more people going vegan in the last 3 years than then last 30!

Rise in veganism

Young vegan revolution?

Young people, probably with more of an open mind and focus on healthy eating and the environment are boosting the numbers of vegans in London.

vegan generations

Where do vegans eat out?

Mildred’s was voted your favourite restaurant in London, followed by Black Cat and Fed by water. 

Where do vegans shop?

Its great to see supermarkets catering for vegans more and more beyond the Free From shelf and normalising vegan food. Plant milks are also on the rise. Most supermarkets now have great vegan labelling, do their own vegan range of frozen food and are expanding their range of vegan sandwiches.


Where do vegans live?

Just crunching the numbers… we got a high representation in SE London in the order of Lewisham, Lambeth and Southwark, – however this is probably just because we have most social reach there.  From website searches, we know Kensington & Chelsea is the most popular area searched for. Camden and Hackney are also known for being vegan hot spots, but under represented in the 2016 census.

Find your local vegan society.

Why are people vegan?

Animals are certainly the top driver for people going vegan, but we believe health and the environment are certainly on the rise.


Do vegans feel supported?

It’s good to see that most feel supported, although there was a lot of people who felt both supporter and then often discouraged or labelled as a fad.

If you don’t feel supported, you can meet loads of vegans at one of London’s vegan events.


Why are more women vegan than men?

Perhaps they are more disposed to being caring and thinking of others – its the same reason why more women give to charity than men.

Meat eating in many peoples minds is (currently!) linked to masculinity, and there is more social pressure for men to eat meat.
How can we change this?


Vegan before it was cool

Well done to those who were vegan for more than ten years! We also had a few people who are second generation vegan 🙂



Thank you…

Its great to see lots of you willing to volunteer, donate money and supply food samples. There are also lots of you running your own groups and events – keep up the great work!


2017 promotion… can you help?

Can you helpus spread the word in October and November 2017?

Email and let us know how you can spread the word.

We need bloggers, vloggers and anyone who knows how to tweet post and share. Is that you?

Why are we doing this?

Every year we’ll be doing a vegan census to answer…

  • How many vegans live in London today?
  • Which of London’s 32 boroughs is the most vegan?
  • What is London’s favourite vegan business?
  • Do vegans feel supported by their friends and family?
  • What are vegans prepared to do to help London become the MOST VEGAN FRIENDLY CITY IN THE WORLD!

The census will close on 30th November 2016 and reopen on 1st November 2017 – see you next year!




Gary Greens is looking for love

garygreenssquareHey, I’m Gary Green and I’m looking for love!

Find out why its healthier and more environmentally friendly to have a fling with me rather than meat below!

Find me on Tinder and win a meal for two in London!

Why should you have a fling with Gary?

earthGreens are better for the Environment: Meat is a high-energy product using large amounts of oil, land, fresh water and 90% of the crops grown to create meat are wasted in the process. The livestock sector is currently “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global” Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

healthheartGreens are better for your Health: Many of the world’s leading health organisations now encourage a reduction in the amount of meat people consume. Oxford University’s department of public health found that eating meat no more than three times a week couldprevent 31,000 deaths from heart disease, 9,000 deaths from cancer and 5,000 deaths from stroke, as well as save the NHS £1.2 billion in costs each year.

pigletGreens are better for the Animals: Lets face it, killing is never pretty or humane. If you are able to live on healthy food that doesn’t destroy other creatures lives, why wouldn’t you?



Hammersmith & Fulham Veggie Society

Hammersmith Vegn SocietyI’m Mark and I’ve recently started Hammersmith & Fulham Veggie Society. We are meeting on Thursday 26th June – see you there!

I really need your support, especially as the group is new, so please tweet me on @HammersmithVeg then like our Hammersmith Facebook Page and email if you can get involved in making Hammersmith greener and healthier!

Ram-Hammersmith-e1370978761655Next meeting: Thursday 26th June…

Join the Hammersmith Veggies on Thursday 26th June at The Hammersmith Ram pub (81 King St, W6 9HW) from 7pm onwards. Everyone is welcome, veggie, vegan or meat eater! I have a small table/area booked for us. It’d be great to see people down there. It’s very casual, just a say hello for the first time type meet up.

So if you want to come by for one drink (or a fair few more, of course!) then please come along any time you can after 7. It’d be great to see you and get the group moving!

Eating out in Hammersmith & Fulham…

  • 222 restaurantThe Gate restaurant – famous veggie/vegan restaurant – w69ql –
  • Sagar Indian restaurant – veggie with vegan options – w69jt –
  • 222 veggie vegan restaurant – amazing vegan restaurant- great buffet lunch and evening menu – w149nu –
  • Planet Organic sw6 – has a café apparently (???) with veggie/vegan options
  • Tai/To-fu/Lo-Fu buffet restaurant near shepherd’s bush – everything is vegan
  • Mr Falaffel near Shepherds Bush station – everything vegan except cheese – only open during the day –
  • Saigon Saigon (Vietnamese) & Eat Tokyo (Japanese) both have veggie options that are also ‘accidentally vegan’ as dairy is rarely used in Japanese or Vietnamese cuisine.

Buying vegan/veggie food in Hammersmith & Fulham…

  • Bushwhacker Wholefoods – best local shop for vegan supplies such as tofu, vegan cheeses

Can you help me run this group/ help with our meetups?

Hello, I’m Mark and  I’ve recently started the Hammersmith & Fulham Veggie Society.

There is lots to do – could you help me with organising the meet-ups or researching local shops that are great for vegans and veggies?

Tweet me @HammersmithVeg like our Hammersmith Facebook Page or email – we need your support!

Vegan Food Is Everywhere!

What will you add?We know it, but most people don’t. Vegan Food Is Everywhere.

Caroline and her husband are vegans living in Toronto, Canada. They have created a website for vegans and the vegan-curious. It’s (probably) the world’s first vegan food spotting website. Their goal is to put every vegan dish, at every restaurant in the world, on a big Google map. They currently have over 1500 dishes mapped around the world, including some in England, Canada, United States, Australia, Scotland, China, France, Singapore, Norway, and India. New dishes are being added by the community every day, and we are building new features all the time.

Take a look at Vegan Food Is Everywhere – here at London Vegan Societies we believe that this can grow into an amazing tool for vegans everywhere, but we need help adding dishes and spreading the word.

Together, we can debunk the myth that it’s difficult to dine out as a vegan!

Top 3 Vegan Hotspots in London

Which Borough do you think is the most vegan and veggie friendly? Will your local borough make the top 3 in London? Comment on this page to get your selection added to the list. We want to know the best 3 places in your borough!

  1. Camden – Cookies and ScreamInspiral Lounge Wild Food Cafe
  2.  Islington – Vx vegan shop (Caledonian Rd) Planet organic (Essex Rd) The Gate Vegetarian Restaurant (St John’s Street) Drink Shop & Do on Caledonian Rd opens late and does delicious vegan cake (as well as alcohol!)
  3. Which borough do you think should be next?


Potential boroughs for the 3rd spot!

Lambeth – Brixton: Ms Cupcake, Brixton Village, Clapham: Common: Carmen – Clapham Vegans meeting place, great vegan tapas High Street: Eco – vegan pizza

Harrow – Yummy V, Karma Free Pizza and Saravanaa Bhavan. Pizza Village in Eastcote also has vegan pizzas with vegan cheese


Tower Hamlets – Gallery Cafe Hackney – Pogo cafe Southwark – East Dulwich: Indian Mishief, Blue Brick Cafe, SMBS, Peckham: Persopolis, Ganapati Richmond – Tide Tables Cafe Greenwich – what can you suggest? Lewisham – what can you suggest?

Post your comments below.