RESULTS! London Vegan Census 2016

Thank you to the 428 vegans who took part, we found out…

Veganism on the rise!

Certainly – with more people going vegan in the last 3 years than then last 30!

Rise in veganism

Young vegan revolution?

Young people, probably with more of an open mind and focus on healthy eating and the environment are boosting the numbers of vegans in London.

vegan generations

Where do vegans eat out?

Mildred’s was voted your favourite restaurant in London, followed by Black Cat and Fed by water. 

Where do vegans shop?

Its great to see supermarkets catering for vegans more and more beyond the Free From shelf and normalising vegan food. Plant milks are also on the rise. Most supermarkets now have great vegan labelling, do their own vegan range of frozen food and are expanding their range of vegan sandwiches.


Where do vegans live?

Just crunching the numbers… we got a high representation in SE London in the order of Lewisham, Lambeth and Southwark, – however this is probably just because we have most social reach there.  From website searches, we know Kensington & Chelsea is the most popular area searched for. Camden and Hackney are also known for being vegan hot spots, but under represented in the 2016 census.

Find your local vegan society.

Why are people vegan?

Animals are certainly the top driver for people going vegan, but we believe health and the environment are certainly on the rise.


Do vegans feel supported?

It’s good to see that most feel supported, although there was a lot of people who felt both supporter and then often discouraged or labelled as a fad.

If you don’t feel supported, you can meet loads of vegans at one of London’s vegan events.


Why are more women vegan than men?

Perhaps they are more disposed to being caring and thinking of others – its the same reason why more women give to charity than men.

Meat eating in many peoples minds is (currently!) linked to masculinity, and there is more social pressure for men to eat meat.
How can we change this?


Vegan before it was cool

Well done to those who were vegan for more than ten years! We also had a few people who are second generation vegan 🙂



Thank you…

Its great to see lots of you willing to volunteer, donate money and supply food samples. There are also lots of you running your own groups and events – keep up the great work!


2017 promotion… can you help?

Can you helpus spread the word in October and November 2017?

Email and let us know how you can spread the word.

We need bloggers, vloggers and anyone who knows how to tweet post and share. Is that you?

Why are we doing this?

Every year we’ll be doing a vegan census to answer…

  • How many vegans live in London today?
  • Which of London’s 32 boroughs is the most vegan?
  • What is London’s favourite vegan business?
  • Do vegans feel supported by their friends and family?
  • What are vegans prepared to do to help London become the MOST VEGAN FRIENDLY CITY IN THE WORLD!

The census will close on 30th November 2016 and reopen on 1st November 2017 – see you next year!




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