VegFestUK London

Here is the round up of the October 2016 weekend of food, fun and vegan networking.


Get your tickets here.



Event info…

Join 10,000 people at Londons biggest vegan festival…IMAG0313

 Past Vegfests…

LVS VF award 2013
Deputy Mayoress Lady Victoria Bowick and Thomas Micklewright, Founder of LVS.

“I was honoured to collect the award for ‘Best Veggie and Vegan City’ on behalf of London. With the award sitting in City Hall with Boris we here at London Vegan and Veggie Societies hope it will highlight to the London Assembly that veg*n diets are the way to achieve their carbon cutting and sustainability goals – and encourage them to try a #LondonMeatFreeMonday!”

Thomas Micklewright, LVS Founder.

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  17. thanks for coming Thom and so gala to hear you had so many people sign up – sweet as
    tim – VegfestUK

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