Greek Vegans need your help for new Camden bistro!

greekvegEvangelos and a friend from The Vegan Greek are a couple of Greek vegan chefs who plan to open a new restaurant in Covent Garden or the wider Camden area. They will be offering traditional Greek cusine -delicious vegan dishes but your help to suggest an appropriate place!

Requirements: kitchen and buffet plus half a dozen of tables for sitting. If anyone can suggest a place and give an estimation of cost please get in touch with them on their Facebook group.

“Our beliefs about food are tied to personal and social well-being. The Vegan Greek strives to promote the idea that a sustainable, healthy culture depends on humankind living as “lightly” as possible, mitigating the damage wrought on the environment and ourselves. Greeks have been cooking and eating vegan food for thousands of years. This healthy, delicious alternative to soy products and bland veggies will be offered in our new Greek Restaurant!” Evangelos