South East

South East London is where the LVS began in October 2010 with the Dulwich Vegan Society. Click on the underlined title for the full page of information.

South East London Societies

WEB CPVS Meeting April 11 2013
Crystal Palace meet up at Domali cafe

Bromley: (15 members) Places to eat out and shop – we are looking for more Facebook admins.

  • Area Group: Crystal Palace (76 members) very popular area group, 1 meeting so far, with healthfood shops, vegan caribbean cafe and a lovely restaurant. We need a new leader!

LewsVG July2013

Lewisham:  (50 members) 5 Potlucks so far and looking for a few helpers and veg*n cafe in Lewisham to meet in?

Southwark: (144 members) 15 meetings so far since October 2010. We started the LVS! We are made up of three area groups Dulwich, Peckham and Bermondsey.

Bexley: I know one vegan in Bexley, there doesnt seem to be much here … yet!

South East – outside of London

Sevenoaks Veggies & Vegans, (10 members) run by Ian, check out their website tweet @SevenoaksVeg or email
Their next meet-up is: TBC.
Best veg*n thing in Sevenoaks? TBC


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  1. Hello, I am Kirthi. I teach people how to cook authentic vegetarian/vegan Indian food (Indian Tadka)and I am trying to promote home cooking and healthy eating. I was wondering if you would be interested in organizing a healthy Indian cooking event or publishing any of my recipes on your page. Looking forward to hearing Back. Kirthi.

  2. I’m vegan, I have worked as director of the Spanish association of biocultura branch Malaga city now I’m in London and need a job if someone could advise me or help me i thank

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