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Southwark Vegan Society

Dulwich Pitfield Brewery Meeting
Try some vegan freebies at our next meeting!

Hello! Welcome to Southwark Vegan Society. Get involved by…

  • trying some freebies at our next meet up: TBC
  • volunteering for our Southwark Meat Free Mondays campaign, to make Southwark greener and healthier.
  • Sign up to our e-newsletter, email southwarkvegans@gmail.com and then follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Southwark MFM mapSouthwark Meat Free Monday

We are working with Southwark council, businesses, schools, faith groups, health centres and the local media to promote #Southwark #MeatFreeMonday.

Find out more here…

This campaign will make Southwark residents healthier and reduce their impact on the environment.

Where can you buy vegan food in Southwark?

Take a look at the map below (I would open the full map here) to see the best places to eat out and buy vegan and veggie products. Want a place adding to the map? – get in touch.

Best places to eat vegan in Southwark

Blue brick cafeDULWICH

  • Blue Brick Cafe, Fellbrigg Rd, meeting place of the Southwark Vegans, great homemade vegan food.
  • Dulwich Supermarket, LL – vegan groceries
  • Barry’s, Barry Road. Vegan sausages, icecream, cream, soya, rice and almond milk.
  • SMBS, Lordship Lane (LL) – specialist vegan food, mock meats and icecreams.
  • Dulwich Healthmatters, LL – vegan health and nutrition specialists.
  • Pizza Express, Dulwich Village
  • Blue Mountain – some vegan food.
  • Mean Green Foods: Yvettemakes handmade quinola fritters, aubergine bakes and scotch bonnet chutney. Stall on Fridays and Saturdays at Captured on the Rye at 85 Pellatt Road.


Vegan Chocolate cake!
Vegan Chocolate cake at Puzzle organico
Middle eastern delights at Persepolis
  • Puzzle Organico: Rye Lane – vegan chocolate cake, smoothies and organic vegetables
  • Persopolis: selection of spices/food, run by Sally Butcher and author of Veggiestan: A Vegetable Lover’s Tour of the Middle East
  • Ganapati: south Indian vegan food
  • Cool Cat’s Cafe – Toby Maclean (a vegetarian himself) serves all homemade food: pesto spaghetti £8, Butterbean burger in a roll served with oven roast potatoes £8, gnocchi in a pepper and tomato sauce £10,  hummus and sourdough bread £4.


  • Gujarati Rasoi: Delicious Southern Indian vegetarian food
  • The Veggie Table: Yummy vegetarian food
  • Rabot Estate: Monmouth Espresso based coffee drinks with soy milk options
  • Blueprint Café: Wonderful vegan food – they even made us our own printed vegan menu. Great for fine vegan dining in SE1!

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