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Go Vegan Radio

go-vegan-radioThomas Micklewright (LVS Leader) was interviewed on Go Vegan Radio  by Bob Linden about the London veg*n scene on 01/09/13.

Click through to the 19:50 minutes mark to hear Thomas Micklewright talking about the London vegan scene: http://www.goveganradio.com/2013/09/06/1-september-2013/

It was our first time on an American radio station (based in San Francisco) and great to link up with our friends from over the pond!

About Bob and Go Vegan Radio

We would like to thank Bob for having us on the show – we have recieved a number of emails from people who listened in – including from Canada!

gvr2Bob Linden, vegan for 29 years, animal lover and dog-spoiler, is the host and executive producer of the listener-supported non-profit production GO VEGAN RADIO WITH BOB LINDEN (www.GoVeganRadio.com) – the first-ever mainstream-media vegan animal liberation, health, and environmental program, now broadcasting for 12 years, having been heard on the Air America radio network, CBS and Clear Channel radio stations, XM, iTunes, TalkStreamLive, www.stitcher.com/GOVEGAN), with archives at www.GoVeganRadio.com and syndication starting soon on the Genesis Communications Network, the fastest growing radio talk network in the world – where Bob’s program will become its first “food” show.

Bob was honored to receive the “Shining World Hero Award” from the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association.You can support the show by donating here.