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Irish Vegans!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERABronwyn Slater set up the Cork Vegans Group about 2 years ago. The group has been very busy listing all the great vegan places to eat out in Ireland. You can find out more on their facebook page and their facebook group.

Bronwyn says: “I was to set up the group was the fact that I had been vegan for over a year and did not know any other vegans in Cork. The group had a number of meetups at local restaurants which had vegan options on the menu. I’m much more interested in the outreach aspect of veganism – getting the message out to people – so we’ve done a few stalls in the city centre where we handed out leaflets and a couple of vegan bakesales.”

Heading to Ireland? – take a look at places you can eat out here. Dublin has 2 vegan restaurants and a few vegetarian. Cork has 1 vegan restaurant and 3 vegetarian.