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Eat Peckham Vegan Week


Join us for a free yummy vegan caribbean buffet  on Saturday 20th May – along with other vegan events to #EATPECKHAMVEGAN !

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Help fund the event…

It won’t happen if we don’t raise £1,600, will you chip in £10 and help 3  people try vegan food for free? Donate now

Eat Peckham vegan

We need your help…

Could you  man a stall, give out flyers, designer posters or promote us on social media? Volunteer now….

Whats on during the event week?

Monday 15th – Friday 19th May

  • Flyering + free cake give aways at Peckham Rye station
  • School talk / cookery demonstration at a Peckham school 

Saturday 20th May (10am-4pm)

Zionly Manna (Peckham Rye Arcade) will host

    • free food give away for 250 people! Get tickets here…
    • Vegan cheese tasting – supported by Nutkin (Peckham vegan cheese maker)
    • Free food stalls/ how to guides given out on Peckham rye lane and outside Peckham Rye station
    • Promotional deals from Vegan shops in Peckham  (see Peckham Vegan map)

Sunday 21st May

  • Churches in Peckham – service about environmentally friendly eating

Promote your vegan business

Call Tom on 07789 322 920 for more information on promoting your business.