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Greenpeace launches LESS MEAT MORE VEGGIES campaign

Greenpeace has launched a global ‘less meat more veggies campaign’, supported by its offices in France, China, America and Germany among 11 others.

Its released a indepth review of industrialised meat production, identifying how “Intensive meat production is tearing down our forests, polluting our water, warming the planet and harming our health.”

They have  one ambitious goal: the reduction of meat and dairy production and consumption by at least 50% by 2050.

 What did they find out?

You can have a read of the full report here: Greenpeace livestock vision towards 2050.

What will Greenpeace’s campaign look like?

They want to exert their campaigning influence to

“demand governments to support small-scale ecological farmers instead of subsidising industrial meat companies. We can ask for more plant-based food and less meat in our schools, universities and public canteens.”

Want to get involved?

Sign up to join the moment at  http://www.lessismore.greenpeace.org

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