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@EatMyWorld supper clubs

fennelcevicheEat My World connects supper club hosts and diners all over the world. With a great selection of vegan supper clubs and pop up restaurants, we make a delicious alternative to eating out. Why not give one a try or even host one yourself?

See www.eatmyworld.com for more details and some innovative vegan menus!


@Meetand3veg recently held a meet-up in Peckham, check them out! A Peckham-based project aiming to share excellent, animal-free eating with food-lovers of all types.
For more info: meetand3veg@hotmail.com  www.facebook.com/meetand3ve

HollyEatMyWorldI’m Holly, co-founder of EatMyWorld.com. Since selling my home to fund Eat My World I’ve been living a somewhat nomadic existence, travelling from place to place trying to raise awareness about supper clubs and attending at least 1 a week! This week I’ve been trying to follow a strictly vegan diet and have already failed twice – first I killed a mosquito without even thinking (sorry!) and then I noticed that the vitamin pills I’ve been chewing each day are made from bovine gelatine, tsk. Kudos to actual vegans, it takes real dedication!