Top 3 Vegan Hotspots in London

Which Borough do you think is the most vegan and veggie friendly? Will your local borough make the top 3 in London? Comment on this page to get your selection added to the list. We want to know the best 3 places in your borough!

  1. Camden – Cookies and ScreamInspiral Lounge Wild Food Cafe
  2.  Islington – Vx vegan shop (Caledonian Rd) Planet organic (Essex Rd) The Gate Vegetarian Restaurant (St John’s Street) Drink Shop & Do on Caledonian Rd opens late and does delicious vegan cake (as well as alcohol!)
  3. Which borough do you think should be next?


Potential boroughs for the 3rd spot!

Lambeth – Brixton: Ms Cupcake, Brixton Village, Clapham: Common: Carmen – Clapham Vegans meeting place, great vegan tapas High Street: Eco – vegan pizza

Harrow – Yummy V, Karma Free Pizza and Saravanaa Bhavan. Pizza Village in Eastcote also has vegan pizzas with vegan cheese


Tower Hamlets – Gallery Cafe Hackney – Pogo cafe Southwark – East Dulwich: Indian Mishief, Blue Brick Cafe, SMBS, Peckham: Persopolis, Ganapati Richmond – Tide Tables Cafe Greenwich – what can you suggest? Lewisham – what can you suggest?

Post your comments below.

42 thoughts on “Top 3 Vegan Hotspots in London”

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