London Vegan Mums

Are you a vegan parent (or want to be one!) in London? We are here to answer questions about life as vegan parents and run fun meet ups so you can meet other vegan parents too 🙂

We look forward to seeing you soon at our next meet-up..

Dates following soon…..

Previous mummy meet-ups…

October 2016 – Lola’s Vegan Cupcake taste test!! See what you missed..

April 14 2016 – Free food-tasting session at Aneto Café, East Dulwic

vegan mums tastingLondon Vegan Mums teamed up with plant-based food company More Than Meat for a delicious taste testing session.



Nuala, Abby, Clare and Laura



28 thoughts on “London Vegan Mums”

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