Become A Professional Movie Maker With Viva Video

Viva video is the new and in fact the top rated video editing application that comes with hell lot of features. It has secured more than 100 million downloads on playstore which marks testimony of it`s excellence.  With the viva video app, you can easily you get to choose from hundreds of stickers and filters options that would allow you to edit your video in the most hilarious way.

Animated clips, subtitles, stickers and filters are all options that you are getting in the viva video app. It`s a package of a complete movie making an application where you can exactly edit, add and present a video in a way you like. Share your content with family and friends and invoke hilarious responses. It has also been recognized by Google play store as the “Top Developer” in the market today. It is the best video editing, movie making application in the android today.


  • User-friendly- the developers of the application made sure that the user interface is kept as simple as possible so that even an average smartphone user can easily use the cut, trim and merge features to builts a movie in the story making mode.
  • Additional features- you also get to add various different features to the video like texts, emoticons, subtitles, stickers files, music players and live dubbing
  • Video controlling feature- it has the video controlling feature where it can control the slow/fast motion with speeds up to .2 seconds.
  • Reverse- the reverse feature which interestingly reverses the video is all there with the application. The reverse feature can also be added and shown as a magic feature too. Special
  • Voice enhancement- the voice enhancement and blurred vision feature of the application makes the video interesting, especially while making a movie.
  • WYSIWYG- throughout the movie making the session, you can any time halt and then come back again and see your edited videos on WYSIWYG interface.
  • Share- create, edit and share all of your work ion facebook, youtube, Instagram, snapshat, WhatsApp etc. enjoy the mirth of movie making with all your friends and share the app with them also.

Creative Video Camera Lenses:

  • Multiple capture options in the video app are there like for example, basic selfie app, Funny app, video and funny collage
  • An exclusive selfie camera in the application is there to let an individual take funny selfies also.
  • In total, the vivavideo app application contains 9 special lenses to capture the best selfie photo.

Easy slide show maker:

  • With just a few clicks you can in a short time, turn all your pictures or an album into a complete movie
  • The application contains a new music library that has more built in background music options which you can use in your video.
  • You can also import your favorite music songs to make a perfect slideshow.
  • You can also enhance your video with more than 200 special effects, animated stickers and filters to make the video more reliable.