You have skills and time, use them to make London the most vegan city in the world! Its as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1) What would I do?

Donate two hours a week (whenever suits you best) and we will provide you with training and monthly meetings to review successes (and eat yummy food!). All you need is a skill, a laptop and a passion for promoting veganism.

2) Pick a role 

Eat Peckham Vegan event – 20th May 2017

Will you help us give out 250 free vegan meals over the weekend in South East London? We need….

  • 4 x Stall manning – giving out free food and recipes
  • 10 x Flyerers – in week and on the day
  • 1x Photographer  1x video camera person –  to capture all the glorious vegan food eating
  • 2 x creative designers – create posters and social graphics
  • 2x social media + press – promote the event
  • Community contacts 1x school, 1x Church – for food tastings and cookery demonstrations

3. Apply by email

To apply email southwarkvegans@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Volunteering: *insert choice*’ and copy and paste the following completed details:

  • Name:
  • Role choice/ skills:
  • Mobile:
  • Email:
  • Postal address:
  • Hour a week / which days can you volunteer:
  • Occupation/studying:

4. Thanks! Speak soon

Outreach – general volunteers needed

  • Peckham flyering (10x flyerers and one flyerer coordinator – January 2017) distributing our new Peckham flyer to promote vegan shops. Check out the flyer!
  • Designer (2x URGENTLY NEEDED) – to create flyers / posters and social media graphic
  • Social media contact (2x NEEDED) – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to promote our events / out reach
  • Business contact (2x NEEDED)- finding, networking and promoting businesses that serve vegan products in Peckham – check out our EAT PECKHAM CAMPAIGN.
  • Education contact (2x NEEDED) – contacting secondary school in Southwark  to start meat free monday in their canteen and promote it to their pupils
  • Society Leader (Camden or Hackney leader needed) Scroll down for the full information – organise local meet ups, create a local vegan business flyer.

Society leaders(Camden and Hackney needed)

Do you want to promote veganism in your local area?

Drop me an email hello@londonvegansocieties.com or call Tom on 07789 322 920.

What do leaders do?

  1. Live locally: this helps each society understand the quirks of its own borough, and react quickly to local issues.
  2. Gather support/volunteers via the Facebook group
  3. Create a vegan flyer to promote your group and the vegan shops in your area. Check out what we have done in Peckham.
  4. Hold a local vegan meet-up and meet vegans in the local area. Some groups have talks, ranging from vegetable growing tips, beer tastings and raw food cookery classes. Leaders facilitate these meetings, eg. book seats in the café, advertise the meeting with flyers and on social media.

Have a read of these how to guides…

WEB CPVS Meeting April 11 2013

2 thoughts on “VOLUNTEER”

  1. Hello, I am Kirthi. I teach people how to cook authentic vegan/vegetarian Indian food. I am trying to promote healthy eating and home cooking. Was wondering if I could help your group in anyway with organizing and cooking for your events and doing vegan Indian food lessons.

    Looking forward to hearing back.

    Kirthi Mundada

  2. I just think its horrible all of this is facebook based, I refused to join facebook again…so that counts me out (and many others maybe)!

    This is a pure observation, and I am not keen to meet vegans just to eat, so I would not be a great representative of your idea.

    But I wanted to tell you my thoughts, after all they are valid….and maybe you create a social community AS WELL?!

    Go Vegans Go!

    I leave you with my thoughts, but am sure you have lots to do, as do I

    I better run x

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